Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Son Tra is not only "lung" but also "stomach", Deputy Prime Minister

Green Trees said this is a very profound article:

Son Tra is not only a "green lung" but also a "stomach" to feed the body. To destroy Son Tra is a crime but to not wake Son Tra is reasonable? Is this not also a sin?

During the past days, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has come to Son Tra (Da Nang) to directly grasp the situation and find the most feasible solution for this peninsula. Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam's work was praised by the public because it removed it from his desk, approving the project through records in air-conditioned rooms.

Especially after the visit, the Deputy Prime Minister has asked to suspend all activities on all three months of projects that have shown cautiousness before deciding on a serious issue, not just regarding the sale. Son Tra Island, Da Nang City but also the interest of the whole country.

As a journalist, please send your thoughts to my Deputy Prime Minister.

Before expressing my point of view, let me tell you four things that the writer has directly involved, of course, as a journalist.

The first is nearly 20 years ago, when carrying out the Yen Tu cable project, investors and Quang Ninh government has encountered a lot of opposition from different reasons such as: it will destroy the landscape , ruin relics, and desolate spiritual monuments. However, the question is not whether to do the cable car with the purpose of protecting Tung Road, rather it's purpose is to solve the legitimate needs of tens of thousands of tourists amounting to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Now how effective is this cable car, sure everyone knows. Tung Road has "escaped death" narrowly.

The second is, at the same time, there is a project (apparently from Norway or Denmark) aid to replace the West Lake into "drinkable" water. This project also met with fierce opposition, there are National Assembly deputies who also said that the West Lake "drinkable" water is inhuman because the "water component is missing", and the West Lake has died due to water shortage.

The third is the project to replace the Sword Lake is not possible and now, Ho Guom is sure everyone knows. The fate of the legendary Turtle finally "has left me."

Fourth, months ago, I went to Fansipan, the rooftops of the Fatherland have witness to the joy, pride, and happiness of everyone, especially the elderly and the poets. A poet of my youth in the far south, standing under the flag of the Fatherland calling me, broke into tears.

Of course, as most projects, when deployed, investors are faced with the drastic response and thanks to its firmness, new works are implemented.

From the above stories, it is still difficult to see the problem: preservation - development and vice versa of the tourism industry.

Back to Son Tra, I personally do not think that the issue here is to harmonize the three relationships: security, defense, and environment and economic development.

We can not change national defense security or economic environment but we should not overlook the economic development because with what has been and is, Da Nang is difficult to have any other options aside from tourism and high tech development. While the latter is not effective.

Therefore, the exploitation of Son Tra for Da Nang is necessary to develop tourism to improve the living standards of the city as well as to contribute to the national budget.

Son Tra is a gold warehouse, it must also be exploited and put into use because if buried underground, gold will not be different from soil. There are "fairies" who should also "wake up" and participate in the construction of the country. They can not let the "beautiful people sleep in the forest." Son Tra is not only a "green lung" but also a "stomach" to feed the body.

I hope that after 3 months, Deputy Prime Minister will, together with experts, scientists, and economists find the optimal solution to develop Son Tra in harmony, durability and efficiency.

To destroy Son Tra is a crime but to not wake up Son Tra is reasonable, is this right?

- Bui Hoang Tam -
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