Environmental Protection

The environment has been a hot topic across the globe in recent years, and rightfully so. Climate change is a monster that stares us straight in the face and is increasingly harsh and difficult to predict. Soil and water degradation, forest resource depletion, and environmental pollution are taking place on a large scale at the hand of humans. Human exploitation of resources to exhaustion, the production and use of impure energy, and the release of many toxins lead to the environment becoming incapable of self-decomposition.

With the desire to raise public awareness and inspire action for the environment towards sustainable development, while leaving a healthy environment for the generations to come, Greentrees has been carrying out meaningful activities to protect the environment
Protect the green trees of Hanoi

  • Along with other civil society groups, a rally was held calling for the discontinuation of the unjustified tree felling project named “6708 trees”.
  • Sent a petition to the Hanoi People’s Committee, met with full-time MPs and asked for accountability in the tree felling project.
  • Spread knowledge on the harmful environmental effects of cutting down trees.
  • Demanded developers and project owners to provide environmental impact assessment and vegetation rehabilitation plan of the Hanoi metro project.
Central Marine Environmental Disaster

  • Visited the disaster area for independent investigation and reporting.
  • Organized a peaceful march to demand access to information and transparency from the government and businesses around the affected area.
  • Wrote and sent a report entitled "Overview of the marine environment disaster in Central Vietnam" to the National Assembly of Vietnam and environmental protection organizations in the country and abroad.
  • Gave financial donations to support victims in the disaster area. 

Training and Education

  • Organize training programs, disseminate information on the environment and environmental law to everyone.
  • Provide flood prevention measures to flood victims.
  • Guide garbage classification, collect garbage in public areas.
  • Give health care instructions for coping with sudden changes in weather and increasing environment pollution.
  • Organize contests, fun activities, and art programs for children to raise awareness of environmental protection.
  • Call for limiting the use of energy and plastic bags.
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