These two concepts seem to be separate but are closely related. Principle 1 of the Stockholm Declaration of 1972 establishes the basis of the relationship between human rights and the protection of the environment:

"Human beings have fundamental freedoms, equality and full enjoyment of living conditions in a quality environment that gives life the dignity and happiness that humanity is responsible for protecting and improving. For generations today and tomorrow. "

The link between the environment and human rights is well illustrated by the guarantee of rights such as the right to life; Freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, the integrity of the individual, of each family; The right to health, prosperity and development of each individual, as well as the group and social community, the right to claim ecological debt ... All this depends on the environment, the natural environment surrounding people.

Protecting human rights is first and foremost the responsibility of the state, but also the rights and responsibilities of all organizations and individuals. Greentrees has, therefore, been working to promote human rights through a variety of measures, from dissemination of information, education, awareness raising to monitoring, petitioning, and denunciation of human rights violations. We mobilize the power of the public and social media to demand justice for environmental activists in particular and those deprived of the right to live in a healthy environment as well as human rights in general.
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