Core values

Greentrees operates firmly on the basis of our fundamental and sustainable principles. Following are the core values that see us through the many obstacles and challenges in the struggle for environmental protection.

  • Independence:
    We are an independent organization, with no affiliations with the government or any other business entity. Our projects are geared toward sustainable development and human balance in society.
  • Commitment:
    We approach problems up front and unyieldingly. We are willing to accept the risks that entail in speaking up for recognized human rights. We are able to put pressure on the government by mobilizing the power of the community and march against the wrongdoers in the spirit of the rule of law.
  • Teamwork:
  • We are professionals in different fields who are knowledgeable, quick thinking, and well imbued with universal democratic values as well as trained in the ways of team work as it is done in developed countries. We are individuals who understand and believe that thinking, planning, decision-making and excution will be better when we work together. More heads are better than one.
  • Enthusiastic and Creative:
    We are young people who are passionate about devoting ourselves to social activities. Active members are students and new graduates who, with our hearts full of ambitions, aspire to contribute to creating a better society. All are prepared to overcome hardships by exploring new paths, new experiences, and never following well-trodden paths.
  • Commitment:
    We have a strong commitment to the missions that our organization puts forward. Although our commitment stays the same, we continually change to meet the demands that reality requires.

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