Monday, June 5, 2017

Green Trees as TalkShow "The Great Questions about the Central Sea Disaster"

Today, June 5, is World Environment Day. This year's theme is "Living in harmony with nature", calling for people to live close and protect nature with practical actions for the future.

Remember that one year ago, on June 5, 2016, the Green Trees group called for a rally on World Environment Day to urge the government to quickly come to a conclusion on the disaster. Until that time, it was two months after the death of the fish was detected, but the government had delayed the publication of the investigation findings. The march with the message of environmental protection was stopped after 10 minutes because of the impediment and arrest by the police force.

The theme for this year's World Environment Day is in line with what we need to address. One year after the catastrophe, what have we done to overcome the consequences? Have we had any activity to clean the sea for future generations?

25 days more and it is already one year after the government officially announced that the central waters were contaminated by industrial wastewater discharged by Formosa Hung Nghiep Iron and Steel Company. On this occasion, the Green Trees team will have several talk show programs about issues surrounding the disaster of the marine environment in Central Vietnam, up to the present time.

- Green Trees -
- Translation: Christopher
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