Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ben Tre has seriously polluted the residential area for decades without being resolved

Through Green Trees, some people in Nghia Huan hamlet, My Thanh, Giong Trom in Ben Tre Province wish everyone to share and help:

"As lowlanders, we have been suing for many years, but serious environmental pollution that has had an impact on our health and economic well-being has not been resolved. This is a call to the people, as well as the authorities, to help clean the environment for our neighborhood.

Pham Van Vu's food stall in Nghia Huan hamlet, My Thanh commune, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre province has polluted the air for many years due to dust from rubber wood and firewood. Black water drowns the canals of our farmers. Its machinery runs from 2am until 3pm the following day which causes afflictions for people and immense economic losses.

The story here is that processing penalties are too light, while polluting facilities are too large. When fines are finalized, the problem remains. The People's Committee of Ben Tre province was not successful in taking this case forward and our people need a solution.

Excessive allowance for water pollution of up to 10 times more than the allowed amount to be discharged directly into our canal, the excessive amount of toxic smoke from the firewood and the firewood discharged by a 2-ton firewood boiler results to tens of millions, is nothing compared to the production of more than 20 tons of food (noodles, cakes, noodles etc), is it not?

According to Item d, Clause 4.10 Decision No. 3733/2002 / QD-BYT, the minimum safe distance in the residential area (500m).

Item dd, Item 6, Article 70 of the Law on Environmental Protection

Especially, the Prime Minister's Directive No. 25 / CT-TTg: On some tasks and urgent solutions for environmental protection

Ben Tre People's Committee should decide to relocate the production of Mr. Pham Van Vu out of the residential area because it is too polluted and harmful to people's health from both water and air. Along with that is a 12AT boiler with risk placed right in the heart of residential neighborhoods adjacent to many households. Even though boilers and factories placed two different parcels of land, he designed a pipe that crossed over the people's heads in the hamlet's rural road. Yet the risk-averse local authorities still ignore it.

"At present, many households have suffered from severe respiratory diseases. For me, as someone who lives nearer to the land, the doctor said that my lungs were all black. But I still want to talk here, with the community, to protect the health of the people around us as well as the next generation."

Thank you for reading, sharing with me! "

PS. Green Trees would like to ask people to extend help to the broader public. We expect the press agencies as well as the authorities to properly investigate and handle this case soon. Return the fresh environment for her children!

- Translation: Christopher
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